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Best Squirrel Baffles For 4×4 Posts

Many people, myself included, enjoy building customer bird feeding stations. One popular way to get started is by using 4×4 posts. Simply set your post in the ground with some Quikrete and start hanging bird feeders. There’s just one thing to keep in mind, squirrels! They will climb up a post just like they would a tree, so you need something to keep them off. That’s where squirrel baffles come in, so lets take a look at the best squirrel baffles for 4×4 posts.

There are basically 2 main types of squirrel baffles for 4×4 posts. One is the cone-shaped baffle and the other is the cylinder-shaped. Both can be made at home if you have the tools and can follow a Youtube tutorial, but they can also be purchased ready to go for a pretty reasonable price. Because of the pricing I opted to just buy one rather than spend hours building one. Especially considering I don’t have many tools and the price of materials wasn’t going to end up saving me much.

The 2 best squirrel baffles for 4×4 posts

Here are my favorite 2 squirrel baffles for 4×4 posts. As of right now I am only using the Woodlink one, but I may end up adding the one from Erva just below it for added protection. They both have good reviews on Amazon and will get the job done.

Woodlink Post Mount Squirrel

Woodlink Post Mount Squirrel Baffle Model BAF3GR


  • Made of powder-coated steel with a weather resistant finish
  • Creates a protective barrier around your 4″ x 4″ post
  • Guards feeders and houses against squirrels, raccoons, and other predators
  • Wrap the baffle around your existing 4″ x 4″ inch post and secure it with wood screws (not included)
A confused squirrel stares up at the new baffle blocking his way to a buffet of seeds

I ultimately chose this 4×4 post compatible squirrel baffle. It has great reviews on Amazon and was a little bit cheaper to boot. I also like that it can be installed after your feeders are already up by simply wrapping the baffle around your post then screwing it on.

It was a bit of a tight fit to be honest, but that’s a good thing! After I decided how high up I wanted it to be, I ended up screwing in one screw all the way in first. Then with that one screw anchored in I could pull the rest of the baffle around the post nice and tight and get it to hook together fully.

Most people recommend that you attach the baffle at about 4-5 ft from the ground, I decided to risk it and come in at 3.5 ft. If it ends up being to low then I can easily scoot it up a foot. You can see from the look on the squirrels face above that he hasn’t figured it out yet.. and hopefully never will!

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the cone-shaped baffle style at first, but now that I have it I really like it!

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Erva SB3 Raccoon Squirrel Baffle & Guard

Erva SB3 Raccoon Squirrel Baffle & Guard - 4 x 4 Post; Tan


  • All steel construction
  • Weather resistant enamel coating
  • Design prevents squirrels from reaching your bird house or feeder
  • Dimensions: 6.75″ dia. x 1.25″H bracket, 8.125″ dia. x 28″H baffle

This is your basic “stovepipe baffle” that slides over the top of your post before you add anything to it. That can fairly easily be made yourself from items you can get at your local hardware store. After watching a few videos I even considered making one myself, but decided against the hassle.

I did not buy this baffle myself but it was on my short list and decided at the last minute to go with the one above. I will admit, I like the look of this baffle much better. In the end though the other one seemed more practical, a little less expensive, and had more good reviews. I’m still considering adding this one to my 4×4 post feeder along with the cone style one from Woodlink.

The way this works is you slide it over the top of your post and it creates a barrier between the ground and the feeders that a squirrel is unable to get past. Once you screw it in place to the post squirrels and other pests are unable to climb it because they cannot get their claws into the steel. It’s game over for squirrels.

So can you make one of these yourself? Yes. Will it be as nice and polished as this one? Probably not. And you’ll have spent hours of your time on it. I value my time and that’s the main reason I decided not to build one.

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Wrap Up

If you’re looking for the best squirrel baffles for 4×4 posts then these two are at the top of my list. If you want to go the extra mile when squirrel-proofing your post then I recommend BOTH of these together. Slide the Erva stovepipe baffle on first, then wrap the Woodlink cone baffle on top of it. I’ve seen people actually use this combination and it works like a charm! However either one of these baffles are solid on their own and may be enough for you. Good luck and happy birding!