The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Poles (Top 4)

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Let’s be honest here, we spend money on bird seed to feed birds not squirrels. While squirrels are cute in their own way and we don’t necessarily hate them, they are huge pests for many of us. You have some options though. You can squirrel proof your existing feeders and poles, get a good squirrel proof bird feeder, or you can just buy one of the best squirrel proof bird feeder poles for your feeders and stop them in their tracks.

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A good squirrel proof bird feeder pole won’t be cheap, but it’ll probably pay for itself pretty quickly in just the bird seed that you’ll save. Squirrels eat a lot, and we all know they love our bird seed!

How much bird seed are squirrels eating?

You may have dozens of them living in your yard and preying on your feeders. They will eat the seed that you purchased with your hard earned money and get in the way of birds like cardinals, jays, and finches being able to enjoy it. On average a squirrel will consume roughly a pound of food a week, and they weigh just over a pound themselves.

Imagine a 200 pound person eating 200 pounds of food in a week. To say they can put it away is an understatement! They aren’t getting 100% of their diet from the seed I’m sure, but if it’s there and an easy food source they’ll make it their first stop. You can do the math but a pound a week per squirrel times however many squirrels are stealing from your feeders can add up, costing you money!

Why a squirrel proof pole and not a feeder?

I say why not both? We highly recommend squirrel proof feeders here at Bird Feeder Hub, they are usually top quality feeders that last you for years with the squirrel proofing just being one of the features. If your only deterrent for squirrels is the squirrel proof feeder then yes it will absolutely do the job, assuming you have a good one.

Just because you have a squirrel proof feeder though doesn’t mean squirrels won’t collectively spend hours on your feeders trying every trick in the book to get in. They are relentless. And how many birds do you think are going to come to your feeders while there is a squirrel on their perch? Probably not many, if any at all.

This is where the squirrel proof pole comes in. Stop them in their tracks before they even reach the feeder and scare your birds away. You can also get a standard squirrel baffle or a torpedo type baffle for your current feeder pole which are both fine options. You could also get a good multi-hook feeder pole along with one of the above baffles and install the baffle yourself to save a little money.

So my recommendation is, squirrel proof everything and make those freeloading squirrels find their own food which they are fully capable of doing. After all we’re here to feed the birds, not the squirrels. Well a lot of us anyway.


Best squirrel proof bird feeder poles

[columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”] Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 2 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set with Baffle & Twister Ground Socket[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”]

Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 2 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set

*Our Favorite

Kettle Moraine has been making high quality feeders and bird related products in the USA for over 20 years and these squirrel proof poles are perfect examples. This heavy-duty powder coated steel feeder pole has 2 arms with hooks, stands 85″ high, and has a built in squirrel baffle. The ground socket makes for a quick install that gives you a very stable place to hang your feeders that squirrels can’t get to.

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[columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”]

Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 4 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set with Baffle & Twister Ground Socket[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”]

Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 4 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set

This one from Kettle Moraine is similar to the 2 arm bird feeder pole above, except 90″ tall as opposed to 85″. Depending on how tall you are, you may benefit from a shepherds hook pole like this one on Amazon that can be used for hanging all sorts of things. Because of how tall it is it may also make it hard for deer to get to your feeders, and they’ve been known to. Overall a quality product just like the 2 arm feeder pole, but with 4 arms if you have a couple of extra feeders or perhaps some plants to hang.

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[columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”] Squirrel Stopper Yellowstone: Old Faithful Birdfeeder Pole and Hook, 6 Hanging Stations (YSOF08)
[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”]

Squirrel Stopper Yellowstone: Old Faithful Birdfeeder Pole and Hook, 6 Hanging Stations

*Premium Choice

Here’s a 6 arm option with another torpedo style baffle, this one from Squirrel Stopper. The pole is all steel construction and a little bit thicker than the Kettle Moraine ones at 1.25″ and comparable in height at 90″. This one has an attached auger that twists into the ground rather than prongs that you stomp or drive into the ground. It’s quality made, stops squirrels from getting to your feeders, and looks nice in your yard making it a great choice. This is an excellent choice for a squirrel proof bird feeder pole, especially if you want multiple hooks.

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[columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”]

Birds Choice 3 Arm Pole Package, Large, Black
[/columns] [columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”]

Birds Choice 3 Arm Pole Package With Baffle

Here is a three arm option from Bird’s Choice. It has a squirrel baffle, made of steel with a 1″ diameter, and is just about 60″ off the ground installed. The attached auger sinks about 20″ into the ground making it very sturdy. This could be a viable option depending on you and your needs but for me it would be too low to the ground. If you are a short person and want to be able to change your feeders easily then this may work for you.

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  3. Ant moats (optional)
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Fill your feeders with the nectar, and put them out! Hummingbirds can start showing up anywhere between late February and early May, depending on where you live.

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Bonus option – buy the pole and baffle separately

Deluxe Bird Feeding Station for Outdoors: Bird Feeders for Outside - Multi Feeder Pole Stand Kit with 4 Hangers, Bird Bath and 3 Prong Base for Attracting Wild Birds - 22 Inch Wide x 92 Inch Tall


Multi feeder pole by AshmanOnline 

This feeder pole by AshmanOnline has 4 hangers, stands 91 inches high, and is easy to install in the ground. It comes with an acrylic bird bath and mesh tray for any number of seeds or food for your birds. Simply add a squirrel baffle like the one below to this deluxe bird feeder pole system and the squirrels won’t stand a chance of stealing your bird seed.

Squirrel Guard Baffle Protects Hanging Bird Feeders & Poles - Raccoon & Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeders & Bird Houses - 17 inch

Bird feeder pole baffle by Squirrel Guard

Keep squirrels, raccoons, and other pests from reaching your bird feeders with this simple but effective baffle. It’s easy to install and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. Just be sure you follow the install instructions and keep your feeder pole away from trees and other structures that the squirrels could leap from directly onto the feeders.



These are some of the best options for a squirrel proof bird feeder pole you can get. As I mentioned, it can’t hurt to get a squirrel proof bird feeder as well. That would really give you the ultimate squirrel proof feeding station saving you significant money in stolen bird seed over the years. I recommend one of the Kettle Moraine poles if you still aren’t sure, they are both solid options with great reviews.

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