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Bluebird Symbolism (Meanings & Interpretations)

There are three species of bluebirds found in North America. The eastern bluebird, western bluebird, and mountain bluebird. All are brightly colored birds with sweet dispositions and cheerful songs. It’s no surprise that so much symbolism has popped up around these beautiful birds. In this article we will look at the many aspects of bluebird symbolism. 

Bluebirds are believed to symbolize many things, such as love and hope. When you dream about bluebirds, it’s said to be representative of joy and prosperity. Many legends of Native Americans include stories about Bluebirds, which are believed to be a sign of good luck.

This article will explore the in-depth spiritual significance of bluebirds in their relationship to dreams, encounters, mythology, and tattoos.

What Does a Bluebird Symbolize?

Bluebirds are found throughout North America. People tend to think of their songs as sounding cheerful, and they aren’t viewed as being aggressive birds. They are small and “cute”, with a brilliant blue color that isn’t seen too often among common birds other than the blue jay. Perhaps for these reasons people tend to smile when they see them, and they bring feelings of happiness and cheerfulness. 

Some of the most common things associated with bluebirds are:

  • happiness
  • tranquility
  • loyalty
  • positivity
  • growth
  • prosperity
  • good health
  • fertility and birth
  • messages from God
  • new beginnings
  • faith and hope

Happiness, positivity

You have probably heard of the saying “the bluebird of happiness” which as shown up in the songs and stories of many cultures for a long time. The charming appearance and song of bluebirds seems to bring joy to people wherever they are seen. Therefore, the bluebird will show up as a reminder of the importance of joy, and to offer you a sense of hope. They may visit you when you’re in the midst of sacrificing your own happiness. 

mountain bluebird
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New Beginnings 

Bluebirds and sometimes the color blue itself is seen as an indicator of new beginnings and positive change. This could be indicative of taking a new step in your career, relationship, or any aspect of life. This may have come about because people associate bluebirds with spring. After not seeing them much during the winter, they are one of the first birds in the spring to come back to bird houses and begin to nest. 

Messages from God

There are some cultures that believe bluebirds are able to deliver messages from God. These messages are considered to be ones of positivity and joy, usually coming from angels in time of distress to reassure you things will be okay. They can also remind you not to give up and that good things will come to you through perseverance. 


In many cultures, the bluebird is believed to symbolize fertility. Perhaps it is their associate with spring or nesting in birdhouses. But if you have been trying to conceive, a bluebird can be a symbol of fertility and a new baby on the way.

What Do Bluebird Dreams Symbolize?

Dreams about bluebirds have been interpreted by many cultures through history. Here are some ways that mockingbirds are interpreted in dreams today:

Dreams of bluebirds can be symbolic of spiritual growth, so the meaning of the dream may be that you are in the process of growing into a deeper relationship with God. If you are currently lacking in your faith, dreaming of a bluebird may be God’s way of telling you that you need to further develop the spiritual aspect of your life.

Bluebirds can also represent guardian angels or a loved one that has passed. The bluebird symbolizes they are watching over you as you go through a difficult time. 

However, dreams of bluebirds may also mean that you are about to receive very good news or experience a stroke of luck that will greatly enhance your level of happiness in your life.

Many people believe that dreaming of a bluebird is a predictor of good luck and prosperity that is about to occur in your life. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win the lottery, but that you will experience something positive, such as a new job or relationship.

Bluebirds, or their feathers, may also appear to you in a dream at moments when you are faced with a difficult decision. If you are uncertain as to whether you made the right choice, the bluebird may come to you in a dream as a sign of reassurance.

If you are coping with a major illness, dreaming of a bluebird may symbolize peace and healing.

Symbolism in Visits or Encounters with Bluebirds

Bluebirds may be a little bolder and show up to visit you in your backyard rather than coming to you in a dream. While the symbolism is the same, the message is more urgent. When you see a bluebird, it usually means that a period of struggling is about to come to an end, and that you will experience great happiness in your life.

If you already feel fulfilled in your personal and professional life, then seeing a bluebird fly through your yard may serve as a reminder for you to spread happiness to others. Even though bluebirds symbolize joy, a bluebird visit may not necessarily mean that joy will be magnified in your own life. The bluebird may be trying to tell you that someone in your life needs you to cheer them up.

As mentioned before, many cultures believe that a bluebird represents fertility, so you may want to start preparing for a new baby or at least take a pregnancy test if you receive a visit from a bluebird.

If you aren’t expecting a child, the bluebird visit may simply mean that you are about to begin a fresh chapter in your life. Either way, be ready to make some big changes, but don’t be afraid to take the leap. The bluebird came to reassure you that everything was going to be okay.

Superstitions about Bluebirds

  • Spotting a bluebird in the morning means that you should prepare for trouble
  • Beginning of good fortune in a person’s life
  • End to struggles
  • Dead bluebird represent the spirit of a loved one who has passed on
  • Guardian angels that have the capacity to ward off evil spirits in your life

Bluebirds as Spirit Animals & Totems

Spirit Animals and Totems

Bluebirds are considered to be spirit animals, and their dark blue coloring symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, and faith. Most significant is their representation of heaven and the afterlife.

The color blue, in general, is associated with feelings of peace and harmony. This is appropriate for the bluebird, as males and females work together to protect the nest and care for their broods.

Bluebirds are here to remind people to approach life with a humble heart and to not overlook the small blessings in life. Often, bluebirds have been said to symbolize confidence. If you are experiencing a struggle in your life, the prescience of a bluebird is meant to give you the confidence to withstand your trials in life and possess the perseverance and endurance that’s necessary to make it through hard times.

The bluebird spirit is also one of encouragement in the face of struggles. It reminds us to persevere through difficult times rather than giving up. 

Bluebird Totem Animal

If you have a bluebird as your totem, it shows others that you are a trustworthy, loyal person and that they can relax and feel comfortable in your presence. A bluebird totem gives you the drive to take action towards achieving your goals and dreams in life. Since bluebirds remain monogamous during the breeding season, the totem is symbolic of romance, loyalty, and monogamy.

Carriers of the bluebird totem are highly protective of their homes and loved ones, but this totem comes with a huge responsibility. The bluebird totem means that you are supposed to offer spiritual guidance to others and help them to strengthen their spiritual beliefs.

Those with a bluebird totem also seek peace and want to be peacemakers in conflicts with others. 

Spiritual and Cultural Meaning of Bluebirds

Bluebirds in Christianity

In Christianity, a bluebird is symbolic of immortality and representative of the Holy Spirit. Many Christians perceive the bluebird as symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bluebirds are often viewed as being Guardian Angels that have been sent by God to watch over us.

Surprisingly, it is claimed that nobody has ever seen a dead bluebird, which likely fuels the belief that bluebirds are spiritual beings. Additionally, bluebirds have been known to appear to people shortly before their death, presumably to escort them to the afterlife.

Don’t worry, seeing a bluebird doesn’t always mean that your life is about to end. Bluebirds are believed to be spiritual messengers from God, and are often viewed as being a means of spiritual guidance. Often, the presence of a bluebird signifies a new beginning rather than an end.

Bluebirds in Native American Culture

Native American tribes were captivated by the utter beauty of a bluebird’s feathers and associated the bird with royalty and courage, but many tribes found even deeper spiritual meaning in the bluebird.

For instance, the Iroquois tribe believes in reincarnation, the ability of the spirits of their deceased loved ones to live on in another form. Many members of this tribe have been known to associate the bluebird with immortality, as these birds have been said to represent the circle of life.

The Cherokee and Chippewa tribes believe that bluebirds are messengers sent to them from the Creator of Life to deliver information relating to the tribe’s survival, whereas the Seneca tribe believes that the presence of a bluebird following the death of a loved one means that that person’s spirit has one more thing left to tell you before they move on.

Mythology and folklore

While Bluebirds have had no known significance in Greek mythology, Bluebirds have been repeatedly mentioned in both French and Russian folklore, and are believed by these cultures to bring about positive energy and even be a manifestation of happiness.

Chinese mythology has it that Bluebirds were the Goddess Xi Wangmu’s messengers and the sight of a Bluebird meant that Xi Wangmu was present and providing protection. Koreans also believe that bluebirds are God’s messengers and that the birds watch over people and tell God what the person has done.

Bluebird Tattoo symbolism

A bluebird tattoo is typically symbolic of happiness and even more, eternal happiness. Some of the other common meanings of bluebird tattoos are:

  • Good luck
  • Heaven
  • Guardian Angels
  • Worry-free Attitude
  • Prosperity and Luck
  • Springtime
  • Joy
  • Positive spirit of those who have passed

Are Bluebirds Considered Good Luck?

Bluebirds are definitely considered to be good luck, but skeptics insist that any good luck charm is up for debate. Sure, if you dream of a bluebird, it may very well mean that you are about to experience good fortune and prosperity in your life.

That prosperity may come in the form of a financial blessing, a new addition to your family, the end of a struggle, or the passing of a college exam, but since there are many meanings and interpretations of the bluebird, it’s really hard to say. But yes, happiness and luck are two of the main things that a bluebird symbolizes.

Bluebirds have deep spiritual significance, so a bluebird may be representative of spiritual development, rather than personal or professional growth. Aside from good luck, bluebirds also symbolize healing and good health, so that ‘luck’ may come in the form of a negative test result or an illness going into remission.

While you could most certainly experience good luck following a dream or encounter with a bluebird, what’s more important is the hope, love, peace, and confidence that a bluebird gives to those who are fortunate to cross its path.

Final Thoughts

If the symbolism of the bluebird was to be wrapped up in a single word, that word would be happiness. Sure, bluebirds are said to bring about good fortune, assist in life’s transitions, and even be predictors of a new baby in the family, but the bottom line is that bluebirds bring joy to those who experience their presence.

Bluebirds symbolize happiness, love, hope, joy, and good luck. They have strong spiritual significance in the Christian religion, Native American tribes, and believed by some to be messengers of God or spiritual guides.

Many cultures associate bluebirds with fertility, but they can represent any life transition. If you dream of a bluebird or have an encounter with one, there are many ways of interpreting this visit, but the primary meaning of the bluebird can be summed up in one word: happiness. If you live in North America you can attract bluebirds to your own yard and enjoy them for yourself!