10 Unique Copper Bird Feeders

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Love to feed birds but not a big fan of brightly colored plastic feeders? Do you desire a little more upscale pizzazz or rustic charm? Consider copper! Beautiful and unique, copper bird feeders can add an element of style to your landscape. They can appear modern or traditional, elegant or rustic, depending on the application and design. One thing is certain, it will be a unique feeder addition to your yard!

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Pure Copper versus Copper finish

One thing to be aware of when purchasing a copper bird feeder is if you are in fact getting pure copper. Many inexpensive copper feeders are priced low because they are made with a copper alloy or another metal with a copper coating. Sometimes no actual copper is used at all, just a painted finish made to look like copper. Pure copper will typically be priced higher. Copper does not rust, but it does tarnish. It will turn a dark brown, then if left usually a blueish-green “patina” will form. Think the statue of liberty. So true copper can be continually polished to keep its golden shine, or allowed to tarnish into a more weathered finish. Anything other than pure copper will probably keep its golden color since it won’t develop that same tarnish, however it will likely be prone to rust.

It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference, so if this is important to you, make sure you read item descriptions carefully before purchasing. If it is only the bronzy, golden color you are after, faux-finishes can deliver the same effect for a much lower price. It is up to your personal preferences.

Now let’s look at some feeders! I have divided this list into two sections, pure copper and various copper finishes. (Disclaimer – I tried to determine to the best of my ability if these feeders were made with real copper or not, they all have a copper look though.)

True Copper Bird Feeders

Dress the Yard Amish-Crafted 21สบ Copper Top Gazebo Bird Feeder

Designed to mount on top of a 4×4 post, this beautiful gazebo style feeder is sure to be a statement piece. USA Built by Amish craftsmen. Copper roof, rot resistant painted wood. Holds about six pounds of seed.

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Good Directions T01P Palazzo Bird Feeder, Polished Copper

A tube feeder with copper Pagoda style roof and seed tray. Lipped feeding tray has drain holes. A basic style that could fit in with any decor.

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H Potter Wacky Copper Bird Feeder

H Potter the garden products company, not Harry Potter! Although you might find it rather magical. This stylish feeder is copper with brass accents and glass windows. Roof hinges open to refill. 360 perch for your feathered friends. This is definitely a unique piece!

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Perky-Pet 8110H-1 Bird Feeder, Copper

This unique hummingbird feeder is sure to be a beautiful accent in any yard. Copper base and vines hold a slightly gold tinted glass oval nectar container. 4 feeding stations, 32 ounce nectar capacity.

It's never too late to start feeding hummingbirds. Here's a quick list of things you'll need to get you started!

  1. Hummingbird feeder poles
  2. 12oz hummingbird feeders
  3. Ant moats (optional)
  4. Make your hummingbird nectar at home
Fill your feeders with the nectar, and put them out! Hummingbirds can start showing up anywhere between late February and early May, depending on where you live.

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Woodlink COPGAZEBO Coppertop Wood Gazebo Bird Feeder

Another pole mount, gazebo style platform feeder. This one combines a copper roof with a red cedar body. Holds a whopping 10 lbs of seed. Reviewers seem happy with the weather protection it provides for the birds. Stylish and functional!

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Copper Coated and Copper Colored Bird Feeders

Roamwild PestOff Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder

Tube feeder with two feeding ports that will close with the weight of larger birds and squirrels. Built in weather guard that is supposed to keep seed dry and avoid the problem of seed clumping some larger tube feeders have. Large 3 lb seed capacity. Antique copper finish.

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Woodlink Brushed Copper Mega Tube Bird Feeder

Polycarbonate tube feeder with rust-resistant die-cast zinc top and base in a brushed copper finish. Eight perches, holds 5.5 lbs of seed. Top lifts off for easy refilling.

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Wood Link Coppertop Cages Seed Feeder

This tube feeder inside a cage is a helpful style against Starlings, Grackles and squirrels. Only smaller birds can fit through the cage. However this will also keep out cardinals, so keep that in mind. Six ports can handle a lot of bird traffic.

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Perky-Pet 365 Antique Copper Lantern Feeder

This cute feeder looks like a vintage lantern. Four perches around each side, holds 2.5 lbs of seed and the top locks in place. Claims to have a “rust resistant antique copper powder coated finish” for better protection against the weather.


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BOLITE Weather Proof Hanging Tube Feeder

This tube style feeder really gives you that copper color. Not only are the lid and base colored, but there are two large banded stripes on the tube. A real accent piece. Birds can perch from the four feeding ports or eat from the tray at the base. Claims good weather proofing with “rust resistant metal” and drainage holes in the tray.

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