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23 Novelty and Unique Bird Feeders

Sometimes it’s fun to be different. If you are a unique person and like having unique things, then maybe you don’t want the same popular and common bird feeder that everyone else has. If that’s the case, and you’d like more of a unique bird feeder, then you might just find one on this list that is right up your alley. These bird feeders would also make great gifts.

23 novelty and unique bird feeders that would make great gifts

1. Bits and Pieces – Tree Face Birdfeeder

Bits and Pieces - Tree Face Birdfeeder - Outdoor Tree Hugger Sculpture - Whimsical Garden Decoration and Wild Birdfeeder

This whimsical, face-shaped bird feeder is water resistant and hangs directly on a tree. Simply hang it onto your tree of choice and fill the mouth with your favorite seeds and you’re sure to have a unique bird feeder that also keeps your backyard birds happy. It’s very inexpensive, but watch the reviews for this item.

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2. Solar Mosasic Copper Hanging Lantern Bird Feeder

Solar Bird Feeder for Outside - Mosaic Copper Outdoor Hanging Lantern, Solar Powered Hanging Birdfeeder with Hook for Wild Birds, Unique Bird-Gifts for Mom

Beautiful day and night, this feeder has a copper colored top and bottom, with a multicolored mosaic style tube. There is a ring perch around the bottom for birds of all sizes. A solar panel on the lid charges during the day to light up the colorful tube at night. 

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3. Stokes Pineapple 4 Port Hanging Bird Feeder

Stokes Select Pineapple Bird Feeder, 4 Feeding Ports, 2.1 Pounds Bird Seed Capacity, Bronze and Yellow

For a little classic tropical flare, Stokes made this lovely yellow glass pineapple shaped feeder. The glass pineapple holds 2.1 pounds of seed, dispensed in a circular tray out of four feeding ports. The site says a portion of every sale is donated to bird habitat conservation, which is like an additional gift for bird lovers. Made in the USA.

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4. Exhart Spinning Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder

Exhart Spinning Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder Moves w/Weight of up to 12 Birds – 8 feet Tall Giant Metal Bird Feeder w/Multicolor Metal Finish and Feeding Baskets, Bird Feeder Spinner 24in L x 95in H

This colorful ferris wheel style bird feeder has 5 feeding stations. As a bird lands on one, the wheel spins with the weight of the bird. It stands almost 8 feet off the ground and is a great centerpiece to any garden or backyard bird feeding sanctuary. Exhart is known for making unique artsy bird feeders and this one would make a great gift for the bird feeding enthusiast in your life.

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5. Amish-Made Porch Swing Bird Feeder

Amish-Made Porch Swing Bird Feeder, Eco-Friendly Poly-Wood Hanging Decorative Bird Feeder (Lime Green/Yellow)

This adorable feeder looks like a little porch swing, and comes in three colors. The “seat” has two seed compartments and because it’s a tray style, you can use just about any type of seed or nut you want. The material is Poly-Wood made from recycled milk jugs, which will give it longevity when exposed to weather. Would make a great addition to any backyard bird haven.

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6. Perky-Pet Fly-Through Wild Bird Feeder


Perky-Pet B00303 Fly-Through Wild Bird Feeder, 1 Pack, Black

Another quality bird feeder from Perky Pet, this fly through feeder has two fly-through feeding stations and holds 2 lbs of sunflower seeds or peanuts. The mesh on all 4 sides makes it easy to watch birds eat at the feeder. This feeder will attract a variety of birds including several species of woodpecker, chickadees, wrens, finches, sparrows, and more.

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7. Perky Pet Coffee Pot Mesh Bird Seed Feeder

Perky Pet CFE101 Coffee Pot Mesh Bird Seed Feeder

A unique little coffee pot/teapot shaped bird feeder from Perky Pet, this powder coated all mesh feeder is great for black oil sunflower seeds, peanuts, or mixed seeds and will attract many different birds. It is not squirrel proof so you may want to consider using a pole and squirrel baffle for this feeder.

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8. Verdigris Gazebo Standing Pedestal Bird Feeder

Verdigris Gazebo Standing Birdfeeder

This gazebo and antique style bird feeder comes on a pedestal and stands just over 3 feet high. It’s “patina” green and brown color adds an elegant touch to your yard. It is lightweight but the base can easily be anchored down with some sand or stakes to make it more sturdy. Would look right at home in a garden or amongst more intricate landscaping.

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9. North States Village Collection Lighthouse Birdfeeder

For anyone that loves lighthouses, this would make a really cool feeder. It comes in a variety of colors on Amazon and it holds up to 8 lbs of bird seed added through the removable top. You can easily hang this bird feeder or mount it to a pole. The seed tray on the bottom is large and provides ample space for feeding and perching.

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If this item is out of stock then you may like this lighthouse bird feeder

10. Home Bazaar British Inspired Police Call Box Feeder

Blue Police Box Seed Feeder

This classic British telephone booth bird feeder is definitely built to be more novelty than functional. While it is a functioning bird feeder that holds 2 lbs of bird seed, has drainage holes, and can be hung in your yard, from what I can gather from some Amazon reviews it is not the best quality. It may be best for purely decorative purposes or placed in a location where it safe from the elements outdoors. Might be a must have for Dr. Who lovers.

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11. Cast Iron Umbrella Bird Feeder with Hanging Frog

Sungmor Heavy Duty Cast Iron Hanging Bird Feeder - Vintage Green Color Hanging Bird Bath Feeding Table - Lovely Hanging Frog Statue Garden Ornament - Practical & Decorative Outdoor Hangings

This unique and small novelty bird feeder is made from heavy duty cast iron, so it’s quite solid and durable. Hanging from a metal hook is a dark black and green umbrella with a small dish for seeds, and a cute smiling frog hangs below. A charming piece for any garden.

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12. Bottom’s Up Whimsical Gnome Bird Feeder

DWK - Bottom's Up! - Whimsical Gnome on a Mushroom Hanging Bird Feeder Fantasy Fairy Garden Home and Patio Decor Accent, 6.75-inch

This novelty feeder is perfect for gnome lovers and fairy garden aficionados! A cheerful gnome lays on top of a red mushroom, with a tray for birdseed below. A good feeder for any type of seed or mixed in nuts and dried fruits. This design is probably best for small birds.  

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13. Heritage Farms Cattail Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

Heritage Farms Cattail Wire Mesh Bird Staked Feeder Model 2505

This unique feeder stakes into the ground and stands just like a real cattail. Would blend beautifully in a garden, around a pond or other landscaping. Wire mesh will allow birds to cling and feed all around the tube. Three feet tall, powder coated steel to stand up to the weather. Holds 1/2 pound of seeds or peanuts.

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14. Alpine Corporation Bear Swinging on Tire Bird Feeder

Alpine Corporation ZEN740 Bear Swinging on Tire Bird Feeder, 8 Inch Tall, Black

Another black bear bird feeder, in this one the bear is hanging on to the side of a tire swing. Place the bird seed inside the tire and hang the feeder in your garden, from a tree, or wherever you see fit.

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15. Black Cherry Custom Log Bird Feeder

Etsy seller: SchoolhouseWoodcraft

This unique little bird feeder is made from dried black cherry logs and crafted into a neat little fly-through feeder. Fill it with black sunflower seeds or your seed mix of choice. It comes with a sturdy chain and is perfect to hang from a hook or even over a tree branch! Very cool looking feeder!

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16. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Etsy Seller:

This bird feeder is made from a wine bottle, this Etsy seller did a really good job too! These customer wine bottle feeders have one feeding port, are easy to refill, and make great gifts for anyone who enjoys feeding birds. It’s easy to hang with the included chain. Maybe better for small birds like titmice and chickadees because of the small perch.

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17. Perky-Pet Sapphire Starburst Vintage Glass Wild Bird Feeder

This cool looking blue glass bird feeder is pretty, well-made, and quite unique in my opinion. It hangs from hooks and hangers like a typical bird feeder and the glass bottle screws and unscrews from the base for easy refilling and cleaning. It only holds about a half pound of birdseed so it’s not that big. The vintage/antique look is very eye-catching.

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18. Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder – Hand Blown Glass Globe

Grateful Gnome - Hummingbird Feeder - Hand Blown Glass - Half Yellow Flowers and Half Wild Flowers Globe - 24 Fluid Ounces Free Bonus Accessories S-Hook, Ant Moat, Brush and Hemp Rope Included

A blown glass hummingbird feeder, very cool. It has half yellow flowers and half wild flowers, 5 feeding ports, can hold 24 0z of hummingbird nectar, and would make a great gift. It’s a beautiful hummingbird feeder, is quality made, and has great reviews on Amazon. Very bright and artistic!

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19. Evergreen Garden Sunflower Bird Feeder

Evergreen Garden Sunflower Metal and Glass Hanging Mesh Bird Feeder - 12.5”W x 3" D x 17" H

This hanging bird feeder closely resembles a sunflower. The petals are made of glass and the center is made of mesh and holds about 4.5 cups of bird seed, and how appropriate that sunflower seeds work best for this feeder. The mesh holes are on the larger side so small mixed bird seed will fall right out. This unique bird feeder would look great in a garden, especially a sunflower garden!

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20. CHILIPET Mushroom Shaped Hanging Bird Feeder

The Best Wild Bird Feeder to Attract More Wild Birds, Fill it with Sunflower Black Oil Seeds, Peanuts and Suet Pellets Easy to Install, Clean & Fill

If you ever played Super Mario Bros then this probably reminds you of Toad, or maybe I’m just weird but that’s the first thing I thought of! Anyway, this neat little feeder obviously looks like a mushroom and you store your bird seed in the fat, mesh stem. The bright colors supposedly attract more birds than other feeders. It’s reasonably priced and would make a neat gift.

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21. Handmade Wood Cardinal Bird Feeder

Etsy seller:

Any Northern Cardinal fan is going to love this one. The Amish craftsmanship on this wood cardinal bird feeder is impressive. It’s made by AmishHomeOutdoor on Etsy and they have some other really great options for handmade bird feeders and bird houses. 

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22. Woodlink Sunflower Stake Bird Feeder

Woodlink Sunflower Stake Bird Feeder Model 2506

Here’s another sunflower bird feeder for you, this one stands 38″ high and the mesh can hold a half pound of sunflower seeds or peanuts. Three of these together at different heights would looks really good in a garden.

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23. Sungmor Electroplated Copper Bird Feeder

Sungmor Electroplating Copper Bird Feeder | 15"(38cm) High Hanging Bird Feeders for Garden | Outdoor Tree Bird Seed Feeder | Sunflower Nuts Bird Feeding Table | Unique Hook Design Birds Food Tray

Electroplating is when a non-precious metal is plated with a thin layer of a precious or semi-precious metal. This bird feeder is made of a “metal material” that is plated with bronze, this gives it a unique but high quality appearance.

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