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Kingsyard Metal Mesh Wild Bird Feeder (Review)

At Bird Feeder Hub, our latest feeder trial was testing a unique bird feeder that stands out for its design and functionality. The product in question is a mesh feeder, notable for its dual-sided seed storage which allows for a variety of seed types to be used simultaneously.

This article serves as a review of our experience with this feeder. It’s important to note that while this is a sponsored post, our insights and opinions remain honest and unbiased.


  • Compact yet Spacious: Despite its small size (7.3 x 12 inches), this feeder surprisingly holds up to 2.5 lbs of seed.
  • Quality Construction: The feeder is well-crafted, featuring long-lasting mesh metal that promises durability.
  • Bird Magnet: Its design is a hit with the birds, attracting both perching and clinging species.
  • Price Point: It’s priced reasonably, offering good value for its features and quality.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to fill and maintain, making it suitable for bird enthusiasts of all levels.

Kingsyard Metal Mesh Wild Bird Feeder

kingsyard mesh
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Our Impressions

Upon receiving the Kingsyard Metal Mesh Wild Bird Feeder, the first thing that struck us was its sturdy construction and well-thought-out design. The metal construction should hold up well over time. Another great thing about metal is it has the best chance of standing up to hungry squirrels. I’ve seen squirrels chew through wood and plastic! So if you think squirrels will be accessing your feeder, this would be a good option to help prevent damage from their destructive teeth. 

One thing we really appreciate about this feeder design is the built in dome and tray. These are two items that often have to be purchased separately. Domes are great for offering a little protection from the weather for both birds and the seed. At the bottom of the mesh basket, there is an opening for the seed to empty into the tray. Some small birds love to cling to mesh, but other birds like cardinals prefer to perch. The rim of the tray offers lots of perching space with easy access to the seed. Plus, birds always knock some seed on the ground while eating. With this tray design much less good seed will be spilled. 

nuthatch kingsyard

The central seed holder is divided into two compartments, and each side has a different sized mesh. This really opens up the possibilities of what kind of food you can offer. The side with the larger mesh not only works with any size of seed, but you could also probably feed mealworms or suet nuggets. On the side with the finer mesh, you can feed smaller sized seeds like nyjer or safflower. Seed variety will bring in more species, but you can always stick with sunflower in both sides and still get lots of customers.

It was a breeze to fill with seed and hang up in our garden, thanks to an attached hook. The feeder’s ease of setup is certainly a point in its favor for anyone looking for a no-fuss bird feeding solution. And it’s not heavy, so anyone can do it. 

Species We Saw

cardinal nuthatch mesh feeder together

Within just the first 24 hours of setting up the feeder, we observed an impressive array of birds flocking to it. The list includes:

  • Northern Cardinals
  • Nuthatches
  • Titmice
  • House Finches
  • Carolina Chickadees
  • Red-bellied Woodpeckers
  • Downy Woodpeckers

Seeing seven different species at a new feeder is quite impressive and suggests that birds really like the feeder.

Our Overall Verdict

The Kingsyard Metal Mesh Wild Bird Feeder with weatherproof dome lives up to its purpose: attracting a diverse array of wild birds. Its robust design, coupled with ease of use and effectiveness, makes it a valuable addition to any bird lover’s garden.

We were thoroughly impressed with its performance and design, and plan to keep it as a permanent fixture in our yard. For anyone in search of a reliable, well-priced bird feeder that doesn’t compromise on quality, this is a product we can heartily recommend.

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