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12 Signs Your Budgie Trusts You

Developing a trusting relationship with your budgie, also known as a parakeet, can be a gratifying experience filled with chirpy conversations, shared moments, and mutual understanding. These creatures are intelligent and social, capable of forming deep ties with their human companions. You might be searching for signs your budgie trusts you, but determining their level of trust can sometimes feel like decoding a complex avian code.

This article will guide you through various indicators that they trust you, allowing you to understand their unique language and strengthen your relationship with these colorful feathered companions.

12 Signs your budgie trusts you


  • Budgies indicate their trust by being comfortable in your presence, interacting with you, and accepting food from your hand.
  • Expressions of trust can include playful behaviors, exploration of your belongings, and mimicking your sounds or movements.
  • A high level of trust is seen when budgies make direct eye contact, eat and drink around you, or engage in preening behavior towards you.

1. They’re comfortable in your presence

If your budgie seems to be having a good time when you’re around, this could be one of the key indications that they trust you. Like many other pets, these lovely birds can distinguish between people they know and those they don’t. 

A budgie will grow familiar with its human over time if they have pleasant interactions with them regularly. Because of this familiarity, they feel a sense of safety and security whenever their owner is nearby, and as a result, they’re more at ease when the person is present.

2. Interacts with you

Budgie perched on woman’s hand
Budgie perched on woman’s hand | image by Patrick Quinn-Graham via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

The Budgerigars are very clever and sociable birds, and interacting with one another is essential to their way of life. When animals are kept as pets, a considerable portion of their day is spent engaging in social behavior with the people who provide for their care. 

However, because budgies are prey animals in the wild, they’re hardwired from birth to be wary of their surroundings. Because of this, the fact that they’re willing to interact with human beings is a strong indication of the level of trust that they have.

3. Enjoys physical contact

Not all budgies welcome physical contact, but many love being gently handled and touched after forming a trusting relationship with their humans. Budgies are highly sociable in the wild, and one of their favorite forms of bonding and social engagement is mutual preening.

They may show this affection once they feel comfortable with their human caregivers. If your pet trusts you, it may allow you to stroke its feathers or scratch its head gently. 

4. Climbs on you

Budgies are social birds that also like to explore and investigate their surroundings. When your pet climbs up on you, it means they feel safe and secure. By doing so, they associate you with safety and welcome you into their group.

Due to their size and fragility, these species are naturally suspicious of their surroundings. Their natural urge to survive causes them to be wary of any new acquaintances.

Therefore, if a budgie hops voluntarily onto your hand, arm, shoulder, or even head, it doesn’t consider you dangerous. Instead, you’re seen as trustworthy. 

5. Accepts food from you

Budgies feeding with pellets and seeds
Budgies feeding with pellets and seeds | image by Luke Flitter via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Many animals, including budgies, trust their owners by accepting food from them. When a budgie eats from your hand, it’s a sign that it no longer views you as a threat but rather as a fellow member of the “flock” and a potential source of food. 

This demonstrates their confidence in you and willingness to put themselves in a vulnerable position around you. This behavior demonstrates their confidence in your intentions and their own safety when you’re around.

6. Shows their playful behavior

When your pet becomes playful around you, it may mean it feels safe and secure. To play is second nature to budgies because these birds are naturally energetic and inquisitive. 

When the bird is happy, it may do things like bob its head, shake its tail, or nibble at your fingers. These actions indicate that the budgie feels safe enough to relax its guard and have fun.

7. Explores your things

Your budgie is showing signs of trusting you if it explores your belongings, especially those you come into regular contact with, and picks up your scent. If you leave your book, pen, or glasses near the cage, your pet may investigate them by gently climbing, nibbling, or perching on them. This curiosity demonstrates that your bird feels secure and comfortable around objects associated with you and that they’re confident enough to take their attention away from their surroundings – a sign that they trust you to keep them safe.

8. Makes direct eye contact

Budgie close to a woman’s face
Budgie near woman’s face | image by Tom Reynolds via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

The Budgies have excellent eyesight and use their eyes to express various emotions. If your pet makes direct eye contact with you, they have sufficient trust in you to engage in such a manner. 

Eye contact in these animals is a significant behavior revealing much about their mental state and emotions. For example, if your budgie stares at you with bright, wide-set eyes, it may express excitement or interest. They’re probably curious about what you’re doing and maybe anticipating a treat or playtime. 

9. Eats and drinks around you

If a budgie doesn’t trust or feels threatened by its surroundings, it won’t consume or drink in the presence of perceived danger. This precaution also applies to humans in their environment.

When your budgie eats and drinks normally around you, it indicates that they view you as “safe” and not a threat. This comfort level indicates a high confidence level in you, as they believe you won’t harm them in these vulnerable situations. 

10. Chirps when you talk

Budgies are social creatures that communicate with their flock using a variety of vocalizations, including chirping. In a home environment, you and any other family members become their flock, and they communicate with you like how they interact with other members of their flock.

When your budgie chirps in response to your voice, it indicates that it considers you a member of its flock and interacts with you as it would with other parakeets in the wild. Their chirping is how they participate in a ‘conversation’ and demonstrates their contentment in your presence. 

11. Echoes your sounds or movements

Budgie resting on man’s hand
Budgie on hand | Image by u_ey288nroxh from Pixabay

The Budgies are famous for being able to mimic or echo sounds. In fact, they’re some of the birds that talk the most. When a parakeet repeats your sounds or moves, it usually means it feels safe and comfortable around you, which is a strong sign of trust.

When these lovely birds copy your moves, it’s also another sign that they trust and like you. Like with sounds, it means they’re comfortable with you and think of you as their companion.

12. Your budgie preens you

In the world of birds, preening is a social activity that helps keep feathers in good shape and builds trust between individuals. When birds preen each other, this behavior is known as allopreening, and it frequently occurs between closely bonded relationships.

So, if your budgie tries to preen you by gently nibbling at your hair, skin, or clothes, it’s a great sign of trust and love. It’s a good sign that your budgie feels safe and comfortable around you and considers you an important part of their circle.