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5 Handmade Cedar Bird Feeders (Attract Lots of Birds)

Sometimes we don’t want the same bird feeders that everyone on our street has in their backyards, or the same ones that you see pictures of in your birding Facebook groups. The next time you get an itch to buy a new bird feeder, why not look at some custom cedar bird feeders? Something that will get compliments when you share pictures of all the birds in your yard greedily feeding from it.

The folks over on Etsy are very talented and have come up with some amazing cedar bird feeders for anyone looking for something unique. They’re affordable, handmade, and ship out and arrive quickly. You also get a little bit of a personal touch that you don’t get from places like Amazon. 

When it comes to wooden bird feeders, cedar really is the best choice for wood. Below I’ll go over 5 cedar bird feeder options; a large fly-through feeder, a hanging tray feeder, a hopper feeder, a window feeder, and a deck railing feeder. All of them are made of cedar and all are quality made by some talented woodworkers.

5 handmade cedar bird feeders

Let’s take a look at 5 different types of handmade cedar bird feeders that can be purchased on Etsy. I’m a regular Etsy buyer and have always had nothing but excellent experiences, so shop with confidence.

1. Large cedar fly-through feeder



  • Large fly-through feeder 
  • Capacity -5 qts. of seed
  • Made of Northern White Cedar
  • Weather resistant screws
  • 4×4 Post Mount or Pole Flange Mount
  • Rot and termite resistant
  • 21″ long x 16 3/4″ wide x 14 3/4″ tall
  • Heavy duty steel wire mesh bottom

I actually bought this exact feeder and have it mounted on a 4×4 post in my yard. I’m very pleased with my purchase and the birds are too! The blue Jays love it especially but other birds do as well. I can vouch for the fine craftsmanship as well as the customer service from

This fly-through bird feeder is very well-made and is sure to stand the test of time, I would recommend it to anyone looking for an extra-large post or pole-mounted cedar bird feeder. 

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2. Cedar hanging tray feeder



  • Made of Northern White Cedar
  • Weather resistant screws
  • Rot & termite resistant
  • Capacity – 2.5 lbs. of Sunflower Seed
  • Size – 13″ x 13″ x 2 1/4″ deep
  • Heavy Duty Steel wire mesh bottom
  • 15″ Black Chain rated for 16 lb. weight

If you’re looking for a simple tray feeder to hang from a tree limb or hook, then this one fits the bill. Like the other feeders on this list, this one is made of 100% cedar. It’s handcrafted by MtnWoodworkingCrafts on Etsy and is sure to last for many years. 

Tray feeders are perfect for just about any type of bird to feed from since they’re totally open on top. You do run the risk of the seeds getting wet when it rains, but the mesh bottom allows for great drainage to help keep your birdseed dry.

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3. Small cedar hanging feeder  



  • Made of 7/8″ Northern White Cedar
  • Rot & termite resistant
  • Weather resistant screws
  • Hinge top for easy refill and cleaning
  • Size – 11″ Long x 9″ wide x 8.5″ Tall
  • Heavy duty wire mesh bottom for drainage
  • Heavy duty cable encased in plastic for easy hanging

The last cedar bird feeder option by MtnWoodworkingCrafts on this list is a small hanging hopper feeder. Like the anything by this seller, you’ll immediately notice the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can load up to 1.75 Lbs. of sunflower seed through the access door on top, and keep an eye on the level through the plexiglass window. 

This small feeder is perfect for medium and small birds like chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, finches, and even cardinals. 

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4. Cedar window feeder



  • Made of Western Red Cedar
  • Decay and insect resistant
  • Holds about 4 Lbs of bird seed
  • Rust-proof aluminum bottom with drainage holes
  • Easy-install, heavy-duty suction cups
  • Size – 13.25” W x 10.5” L x 4.25” H

Get an up-close view of birds on your feeder from the comfort of your home. There are many options for window feeders out there, but not too many custom wooden ones with large seed capacities like this one. You don’t have to worry about birds flying into the window with a window feeder, they’ll fly up and land right on the feeder and help themselves without fear. Just keep it full of bird seed for them!

Window feeders are great for people with small yards or those living in apartments and condos. Another high-quality, custom bird feeder from the talented sellers on Etsy!

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5. Cedar deck rail feeder



  • Made of 100% cedar
  • Fits 2″x 6″ wide, or 1″x 6″ wide deck rail
  • Easy install no power tools required
  • Measures 20″x 6″
  • Finished with boiled linseed oil
  • Holds 8 cups of seed
  • Open design attracts birds of all sizes

If you have a wood deck, what a great place to feed the birds. It’s a bit close to the house for some, and the birds can make a mess sometimes, but you can’t deny that you’ll get better pictures and up-close encounters if they’re that close to your house. This deck railing bird feeder fits right onto most decks and holds 8 cups of seed, plenty for everyone. Additionally, if your deck railing is a different size than the ones listed above, the seller here can work with you to get one that will work for you. 

The boiled linseed oil finish is safe for birds and adds additional protection for the elements as this feeder will be sitting outside and feeding birds for many, many years!

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How to maintain cedar bird feeders

Even though cedar bird feeders and pretty tough and do not require much maintenance, there are still some steps you’ll want to take to make sure that they stay clean and last as long as possible.

Cleaning your cedar bird feeder

Cedar bird feeders are dead simple to clean. Once they’ve been picked clean of seed by the birds, simply take the feeder down and give it a good spray down with the hose. If any seed fragments remain you can use a brush to scrub them out. Do this every few refills.

Is cedar rot resistant?

Cedar is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to rot resistant woods. Northern White Cedar, which is what several of the feeders on this list are made of, naturally produces preservatives making it resistant to rotting as well as insect exposure. Having said that, no wood is truly rot-proof. But when it comes to choosing a wood that is going to be outdoors and exposed to the elements year-round, there’s no better and more affordable choice than cedar.

How long does cedar last outdoors?

Untreated cedar with it’s natural oils and weather resistant properties can last anywhere from 15-30 years outdoors, and up to 40 or more if it has been treated.