We’ve created our own window feeder in order to share the magic of feeding birds! When designing this feeder, we focused on a few important features to maximize comfort for the birds and visibility for us.

Sometimes a simple, well-placed, and inexpensive window feeder is all you need to enjoy feeding birds. If you like our content and want to support us here at Bird Feeder Hub, please consider buying one!

Window Bird Feeder With Open Back by Bird Feeder Hub™

This window bird feeder attracts a variety of small and medium birds including cardinals, finches, nuthatches, wrens, woodpeckers, and more.

  • Open back for clear viewing of birds
  • Strong suction cups, won’t fall off the window
  • Room for several birds at a time
  • Holds over 2 cups birdseed
  • Easy to setup and get started feeding
  • Makes a great gift!
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