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5 Letter Birds That Start With C (Photos)

Learn about birds that start with all 26 letters of the alphabet!

On this list we’ve got two 5 letter birds that start with C. One is the crane, known for its distinctive long legs. The next example in our list is the chick, the younger version of chicken, a domesticated bird raised for meat and eggs.

Join us as we discover the unique characteristics and contributions of these birds.

Let’s begin!

1. Crane

Sandhill (left) and Common crane (right)
Sandhill (left) and Common crane (right)

Scientific Name: Gruidae

Crane birds, belonging to the family Gruidae, are large, elegant birds known for their long legs, necks, and distinctive trumpeting calls. They are celebrated for their intricate mating dances, which include bowing, jumping, and wing-flapping. Cranes inhabit a variety of environments across the globe, from wetlands to grasslands, adapting to each with remarkable resilience.

One notable species is the Sandhill Crane, widespread across North America, particularly known for its mass migrations that fill the sky with thousands of birds, creating spectacular views. Cranes are omnivorous, feeding on plants, insects, and small animals. Many crane species are migratory, traveling long distances to breeding and wintering grounds, showcasing their endurance.

2. Chick

Chicks (left) and Chicken Rooster (right)
Chicks (left) and Chicken Rooster (right)

Scientific Name: Gallus gallus domesticus

Chicks are the young of chickens. The term “chick” is a diminutive form, referring to their small size and the early stages of their development. These fluffy, peeping youngsters exhibit rapid growth and are known for their instinct to follow their mother, a behavior essential for their survival. Chicks eat a diet rich in protein, necessary for their development into adult chickens. They are precocial, meaning they are relatively mature and mobile from the moment of hatching.

Notably, the domestic chicken descended from the wild red junglefowl of Southeast Asia, has been bred into numerous varieties for eggs, meat, and ornamental purposes. Chicks display a range of behaviors from scratching to dust bathing, learned from observing adult chickens Chickens and their chicks have been integral to human agriculture for thousands of years, providing food, feather products, and companionship.

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