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2 Types of Birds That End With the Letter “B”

Learn about birds that start with all 26 letters of the alphabet!

Featured image by Don Faulkner via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

The birds on this list have more than one thing in common. It would seem that bird names ending in “B” are quite rare. Our investigations revealed two exceptions both in the hummingbird family. This article will introduce you to these two unique species with some interesting facts and pictures. 

1. Green-throated carib

Green-throated carib
Green-throated carib | image by Ron Knight via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Scientific Name: Eulampis holosericeus

The Green-throated Carib is a medium-sized hummingbird found throughout the Caribbean and parts of South America. Known for its dazzling emerald green throat in males, which contrasts sharply with its dark plumage, this species exhibits sexual dimorphism, with females sporting a more subdued coloration.

These agile birds are adept at hovering, using their rapid wing beats to feed on nectar from a variety of flowers. They are also known to defend their feeding territories aggressively against other birds. An interesting behavior of the Green-throated Carib is its ability to fly backward, showcasing its remarkable maneuverability.

2. Purple-throated carib

Purple-throated carib
Purple-throated carib | image by Don Faulkner via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

Scientific Name: Eulampis jugularis

The Purple-throated Carib is a striking hummingbird found in the Caribbean, particularly on the islands of the Lesser Antilles. It is easily identified by its deep purple throat in males, set against a backdrop of glossy black feathers, while females feature a more subtle color scheme with hints of green.

These birds are renowned for their remarkable flying abilities, including the capacity to hover in place as they feed on nectar from trumpet-shaped flowers, which they are specially adapted to with their long, curved bills.

Purple-throated Caribs are fiercely territorial, often seen chasing away intruders from their chosen feeding areas. An interesting aspect of their behavior is their role in pollination, as they transfer pollen between flowers while feeding.

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