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2 Birds That End with the Letter Z

Learn about birds that start with all 26 letters of the alphabet!

This article lists bird species that end with the letter Z, and we’ve discovered that these are hummingbirds. Among the numerous bird lists, we’ve only included two: the crimson and fiery topaz from South America. Let’s explore the characteristics and important facts about these two species.

Let’s take a look a them.

1. Crimson topaz

Crimson topaz perching
Crimson topaz perching | image by AISSE GAERTNER via Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 4.0

Scientific Name: Topaza pella

The Crimson topaz is a hummingbird known for its brilliant plumage, with males showcasing a fiery red throat and chest, iridescent green back, and long, forked tail. This species resides in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon Basin, spanning countries such as Brazil, Columbia, and Venezuela.

The Crimson topaz prefers dense, humid environments near rivers and streams, where it feeds on nectar from a variety of flowering plants, showcasing remarkable agility in flight.

Unique among hummingbirds, the Crimson topaz is noted for its loud, buzzing flight sound and its territorial displays, which include aerial acrobatics.

2. Fiery topaz

Fiery topaz
Fiery topaz | image by Hector Bottai via Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 4.0

Scientific Name: Topaza pyra

The Fiery topaz is a breathtaking hummingbird, celebrated for its dazzling colors. Males display a combination of fiery orange and deep red on their throats and bellies, set against a backdrop of iridescent green upper parts. This species is found in the tropical forests of South America, particularly in regions along the Amazon River.

The Fiery topaz thrives in dense, humid environments where it feeds primarily on nectar, showcasing its incredible flight skills as it hovers and darts from flower to flower.

Known for its vibrant plumage and energetic behavior, the Fiery topaz is a solitary bird, often seen defending its territory fiercely from rivals.

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